Perfect Product for our Fashion Business!

Bewertet am 14.12.2018
Susanne S.
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Kommentare: We are using admiral cloud quite a lot for recruiting new customers and providing companies with videos and pictures for advertisements.

Vorteile: Our company needs to transfer a lot of photos to customers.
The design has an absolutely professional look. There is nothing comparable in the market.
It is more than a transfer of photos, it is also a business card of our company.
And furthermore it is easy to handle.
Another extra value is that the system transforms the pics into the right size for social media.
The public areas are easy to organize and have a great design.
We are also using admiral cloud for our videos. It works perfectly in the same way.
We can also put information to the pics we send.
We have a control about the meta description of every single photo.
Groups in companies can get the same information at one time. We have the possibility to define admins for certain projects and to give certain rights for every party.

Nachteile: We are very happy so far with admiral cloud.
It is an excellent service.
I think there will be a lot more options to leverage our business.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von AdmiralCloud an 18.12.2018

Hello Mrs. Struz,
Thank you for working with AdmiralCloud and thank you for the input to improve and develop the product.
Best regard,
AdmiralCloud Team