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LogPlot 8 review

Bewertet am 19.8.2019
Jessica H.
staff scientist
Umweltdienstleistungen, 501-1.000 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: Overall, this is a very easy software to work with but has some limitations.

Vorteile: Because the software has a similar look to both Microsoft access, excel, and ArcGIS, it is very easy to navigate and work with. The help tutorials and help information makes it easy to become familiar with it and use it. The customer service is very approachable and helpful

Nachteile: I don't like that it's not backwards compatible. I feel like it's a tactic to force you to upgrade. Although I like that the customer service is very helpful, I don't like that there is a new update to download nearly every week due to new changes with the software. Usually, when a new download appears, new issues pop up in the software or former features that were fixed could come back. Although I appreciate that there is an undo button in the template; I don't like that there is not one on the data file.