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Bewertet am 30.11.2018
Bennar Z.
Software Engineer
Computer-Software, 10.001+ Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: I've used this software for about a year, the clients love it because the dashboard delivered by CAST contains critical informations for the developers and the architects of the application from CAST dashboard they can know which modules and which lines of code have to be changed in their application to improve its quality.

Vorteile: They are many great things about this tool:
-The quality of the dashboard delivered by CAST in the end of each code analysis
-The diversity of the coding languages that CAST can analyse
-CAST analyses code based on 5 factors: robustness, efficiency, security, changeability and transferability so it is ideal to estimate priority, complexity and risks
-CAST contains action plans for next runs if they are many versions of the application
-In general, the support team is good and responds quickly to the incidents

Nachteile: -CAST is very complex for new users so new users definitely need a training to be able to use it
-This software is very expensive so it is only used by very big companies