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Bewertet am 21.6.2018
Mike S.
Email Marketer
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 1 Jahr
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Vorteile: I like that the interface does not contain wizards or step-by-step methods for creating and managing mail. This makes the system much faster and efficient. I'm a long time email marketer and I hate having my time wasted by poorly designed systems. We use a whole lot of data to send micro segments. We also store lots of ecommerce transactional data inside of Konvey. I like that I can do "big boy" stuff without paying top dollar. The merge codes and scheduling are super robust and using JavaScript is more natural than learning a new syntax. The filtering interface is really nice and I love how I can send a mailing multiple times as distinct broadcasts. I love this email builder which is based on MJML - which is a leading oper-source framework for building responsive email. The builder is very intuitive for a long-time marketer/developer. Most of what comes out of the builder tests very well with Litmus which means that I can build more email in less time. And because the builder is more open than most builders, I can achieve most any design. I've used about 20 email systems over the years and this one is really quite different. I'm lovin it.

Nachteile: On first use, the UX is very plain and stripped-back. This, I gather, is by design and part of their "only what's needed and nothing more" philosophy. After using the system for a bit I've come to appreciate the simplicity and lack of distraction. Due to the lack of wizards, using the system can be more difficult with a bit of a learning curve. But once I started sending email it all made sense. Their builder is very advanced - and it is possible to make mistakes = bad HTML. They give me the power to do whatever I want. And with this power comes responsibility. Since I'm an experienced email marketer, I actually like the power and flexibility. The company is still small and the documentation is still a bit skinny. But they make up for lack of docs by actually answering the phone with real people.