BigID Takes Fear Head On

Bewertet am 1.6.2018
Renea H.
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Kommentare: BigID calmed my fears of GDPR and cybersecurity.

Vorteile: Immediate answers. They took a very complicated matter, GDPR, and handled it the way people not in the industry can understand. Their website was extremely helpful and their advice on their site proved valuable for my client. There's a reason why it won The Most Innovative Company awards. They were talking about security and privacy long before they became buzz words theses last few months. They practice what they teach. On their site, you MUST click Privacy Policy and then you will have the option to continue navigating through their site. It would be smart to follow this example for any small business, especially ones who have EU citizens as clients or customers.

Nachteile: It can be a bit complicated. As a beginner or someone with a small amount of knowledge in the area of cybersecurity, you will need to talk with someone. This is not a point and click software. I don't see how that could ever be a solution for something as serious and complicated as privacy, consent, and security. Better left to the pro: BigID.