Had trouble using this for a few weeks

Bewertet am 2.8.2018
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Vorteile: Once you get the hang of CA PAM (and once your company gets past the implementation hiccups) it is not very difficult to use. Retrieving passwords only takes a few seconds. However, you better hope that your company provides good training / documentation for you. The learning curve can be pretty steep if you don't have good support.

Nachteile: This software was very unstable when my company first implemented it. It was supposed to give me new passwords everyday, but it sometimes gave me the same password for weeks in a row. Not very secure. Also, sometimes the passwords served to me by CA PAM did not work on the systems they were supposed to work on. There is a chance that this was an implementation issue on my company's side and not the software's fault, but it is hard to tell. Regardless, CA PAM decreased my productivity for a couple weeks before all of the bugs were worked out. I spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to use the software correctly instead of doing productive work.