Gorgeous Proposals. Easy to use!

Bewertet am 5.1.2019
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Sr. Director, Acquisition Marketing
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Kommentare: I'm a freelancer and found Lancelot when a client asked me to send a proposal for an SEM audit. It was super easy to create my first proposal and helped me win the deal. I've been using it since for all of my clients, even for those who don't specifically ask for one, because it helps me make a wonderful first impression and get off on the right foot with new clients. I'm winning new clients and retaining my existing clients at a rate I've never seen before. Highly recommended!

Vorteile: It's simple to use. Not too many bells and whistles. It felt like it was designed for me to use, not a designer or engineer. The cover image selector using Unsplash really helps my proposals pop and look super professional. Easy to add sections. Easy to create a pricing table. Easy to send. Easy to accept signature.

Nachteile: Nothing major yet. I had to start from scratch on my first proposal, but I think that helped me to better understand the tool and utilize it to the fullest.