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Excellent product , sensational Service

Bewertet am 11.2.2016
Patrick G.
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Kommentare: We replaced our opensource monitoring solution with Argent recently. We were astounded by the level of detail and quality of Service that the Argent team provided to us. The price / quality relationship was exceptional . Argent was extremely easy to set up and configure for our environment of 150 Servers . We were able to monitor all our core Applications , Servers (both Linux and Windows) and all our network devices in a matter of a few hours. The reporting that we obtained from Argent reports was optimally suited to our SLA and compliance requirements. Argent replaced a number of different systems for us and truly lives up to their claim of "a single pane of glass" for the complete IT environment. Argents unique "corrective Alerting" has reduced my teams time spent on System Management by over 70% in the first 3 months. We have already recouped our investment. Highly Recommended