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Good product concept, but potential security holes

Bewertet am 13.8.2018
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Kommentare: Innovative company with a good product - that is just a bit too far ahead of it's time, leaving current potentially exposed to data leaks.

Vorteile: Ease to use, does what it says on the box. Provides you with nominal data protection over email (human errr accounting for the majority of such) and compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Nachteile: Two aspects.
One, all data is stored in the cloud, which means you have to trust that company with all your sensitive information. This is a major risk in some verticals and companies.
Second, the AI approach is beautiful when it works - but disastrous when it doesn't. It's a novel idea to warn users only about exceptions, but the risk on not warning them on real breaches (because the AI missed it) is just too great.