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New dimension of fact based decision making by quantitative market research

Bewertet am 18.4.2019
Frank K.
Consumer Insights Manager Eastern Europe
Einzelhandel, 1.001-5.000 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: Very high level of service orientation, high level of expertise about methods and their relevance, simpy a game changer for fact based decision making

Vorteile: Fully integrated process with seamless connection of each process step (setup, fieldwork, reporting)
Mindset behind tool is fully agile and forward thinking
Tool designed as platform which is ideal for me when conducting projects and putting results into action within the project Teams >> answering questions within a workshop in real time by using the analyze tool set to look at the results

Nachteile: Optimized for big screens when it comes to project set up (not an issue, simply would not recommend to setup a project on a 12" Screen; 24" or bigger is a good size to keep the overview also on more sophisticated projects)