Not what they promised

Bewertet am 6.8.2019
Pauline B.
Vice President
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Kommentare: I don't know if they were growing too quickly, or are having money problems, or what but everyone seemed overworked, yet nothing was getting completed. Felt bad when our account rep had to repeatedly tell us that the development team was working on it, or worse that they were waiting on the Channel to respond when obviously our issues were never even being looked at. When we made the switch, channels always responded within the same day for the most part, and we had a daily meeting with SellerCloud, which was extremely productive. Overall? Etail was a big, expensive disappointment.

Vorteile: It housed all ecommerce information in-house.

Nachteile: They promised us to be up and running in four months. At the end of our one-year contract we were still not finished. Switched what software company linked up to their software after signing contract and it did not work with how we shipped. Had weekly meetings where the account rep had to repeatedly tell us that the development team was working on it. This happened week after week with obviously nothing being worked on. Switched to SellerCloud and was up and running on almost all channels in under a month and complete in two months, at 1/10th of the cost of Etail and a shipping software that finally allowed us to go from three people processing orders to one. Hardly ever write negative reviews, but feel this needed to be said. I waited two months to see if I would feel differently, but after working with SellerCloud felt I needed to at least bring up the issues we had so others do not go into a one-year contract blind.