Interactive and engaging. It's more than a picture.

Bewertet am 17.11.2017
Nick A.
District Staff Development Coordinator
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Kommentare: I gained the ability to recreate a lot of classroom material in fun, creative ways. I gained more engaged students who were expecting contact that they could interact with. This also helped me combine multiple tools together in ways that became more streamlined.

Vorteile: Everything! Thinglink became a staple in my classroom when I was teaching. The ability to embed various content and tools that you and your students use everyday into the image is fun . It's a creative take on a digital "scavenger hunt", enabling users to go "find" the information they seek and interact with the image. Works well with Google Apps which is a must in education today. Has afforded me the opportunity to give students another creative outlet when working on projects or way for me to create more engaging material for them to access. With the ability to now include videos and 360 images/VR, Thinglink should be a staple in education.

Nachteile: There is just so much you can do with Thinglink. My one gripe is that you cannot collaborate with other on the same Thinglink during the creation/editing phase.