Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps

Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps Bewertungen

von Tarlogic Security

excellent tool for the analysis, documentation and design of wireless networks

Bewertet am 11.12.2017
Fermineduar Q.
Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)
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Vorteile: * It does not require expensive hardware, it runs on most PCs with a simple in-brand network card
*It is easy to use and allows to export maps and information to different formats of great utility even to maps.
*Whether the area analysis has been done with gps or through the loading of internal maps the results are quite accurate
* Proporciona informacion detallada de la intensidad de señal de cada ap, area de covertura, areas deficientes y cantidad de equipos en el area
*With a simple site survey we can know the scope and limitations of our Wi-Fi network
*Excellent utility for plotting heat zones, with a variety of mpas and views in addition to the 3d utility
*Generates executive and advanced reports in word format automatically
*Performs active and passive network studies using iperf support

Nachteile: although it is an excellent tool and allows to optimize wifi network services, only runs on windows platform, either x86 or x64 but always under windows, it would be excellent to be able to use this large tool from other environments such as mac for example to maximize the utilities graphics