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Easy to use, affordable, cloud-based system that provides instant access, visibility & control

Bewertet am 18.5.2017
Noelle F.
Operations Manager
Telekommunikation, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
Verwendete die Software für: Mehr als 2 Jahre
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Kommentare: Automated Procurement, Supplier Registration and Management, Centralized Contract Storage, Contract Audit, Contract Compliance, Time/Labor Savings, Enterprise Visibility and Collaboration to Business Contracts and Critical Data, Reporting, Automated Email Contract Expiration Alerts, Business Continuity, Group Purchasing, Government Compliant Contracts

Vorteile: Very clean and easy to use cloud-based supplier relationship system that allows organizations toregister, vet, organize and manage critical supplier information. The system offers a white label registration system that allows organizations to establish a protocol for time savings around suppliers that are cold calling and soliciting for their business. Once supplier data is entered into the system, the ProcureSafe platform allows for procurement professionals and organizations to store and manage contracts, warrantees, PO's and other critical operational documents in the cloud for ease of access, enterprise collaboration, visibility and control associated with business continuity and contract compliance. Time savings ROI alone more than covers ProcureSafe's Annual Subscription. Another very nice feature is the access that ProcureSafe gives me to a very well rounded Group Purchasing contracts covering more than twenty-five indirect cost categories. Lastly, ProcureSafe's Professional Services gave us a tremendous value in the on boarding process of our Suppliers and related Contract data.

Nachteile: Although the system provides the ability to track and report on contract value, contract expiration, and supplier notices, one missing component which would be a nice to have would be on actual month-to-month spend analyticals.