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Bewertet am 17.1.2018
Peter G.
API UI Developer | Senior Technical Writer
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Kommentare: The benefits I get from using Storyteller are standardizing all facets of user story writing and automating the process for streamlined workflows.

Vorteile: Having worked on many software projects, the one challenge for many stakeholders are developing quality user stories. They're critical for requirement development. What I like most about Storyteller is it streamlines developing user stories by using an automated process. For example... - It offers visuals to enhance requirement clarification.
- The backend automates the generation of story criteria using a template format.
- Unlimited user walk-through functionality helps keep track of all possible uses.
If you've ever wondered if there's a solution to trace and analyze changes to stories, you'll absolutely Storyteller.

Nachteile: The only con using Storyteller is you need to understand it does a lot with the automation of user stories. So you need to work in an agile mentality. So dev teams believe they're agile until you review their workflow. Storyteller forces users to focus purely on the 3D benefits of agile workflow.