Very easy to use! Just upload your articles, download the app and start counting!

Bewertet am 10.12.2016
Philip M.
Warehouse Manager
Logistik & Lieferkette, 51-200 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: We installed Raptool Easy WMS in 2015. We used to work with pen and paper to pick orders, count stock etc. Now we use the Easy WMS app to pick orders, move stock, stock counting, receive goods from our suppliers. We use android devices with bar-code readers. We tried using phones in the beginning, but we wanted a better bar-code reader. We also use the app for our production (we put together some of our customers products in our warehouse) where the system can automatically deduct the used parts when building a product. Now we have total, live control of our stock and the workers work allot faster. The installations process was very simple, we just contacted Raptool and they set up our solution in one day, we downloaded the app from the App store and started working. New workers learn how the system works in about 10 minutes. We needed some changes to the way the app worked and Raptool could deliver this with just 2 hours work (!). We have a 3PL warehouse handling 7 customers stock. Each customer has a login where they can see their own stock levels (just their own products not the other customers), print reports, place orders etc. Everything is live and online, so all stock levels are always up-to-date

Vorteile: We got rid of our papers and just uploaded an article list to the system and we could start working. You download the app from the app store, in server installations or anything.