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Value for money for basic but essential features

Bewertet am 19.8.2017
Vincent L.
Freelance marketer
Marketing & Werbung, Selbstständig
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Kommentare: We saved on the monthly fix cost and focused on the number of emails we sent out.

Vorteile: The biggest difference this product has is its pricing model - it charges by the effective emails you send out instead of the number of emails in your database like many of the providers out there. It gives you all the basic functionality to run email marketing campaigns - signup forms that you can customize yourself, double opt-in, unsubscribe options, mailmerge tags, link tracking, conversion rate tracking, etc. The best value for money feature I think is its email editor - although it has no template whatsoever, it provides you with simple mailmerge tags like {firstname}, {unsubscribe}, etc and lets you preview in mobile dimensions. If you put in links, it will track the number of clicks and the conversion rate subsequently when the campaign starts. I run the email marketing campaigns of my clients with >100k emails and Segmail has made it affordable for my clients, having to pay less per campaign (but you also pay a monthly subscription fee). I won't say this is the best provider but it is definitely one of the more value for money ones. If you don't want the hassle of installing your own php email marketing tool on your own webhosting or pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for the big names like Mailchimp, ConstantContact, this is worth considering.

Nachteile: It has no email templates and you have to code on your html editor before copying and pasting into its email editor. It has its own WYSIWYG editor but that's the bare minimum any provider should have. Also, there is a monthly subscription fee that is same regardless of how big your email database is - some people might find this unacceptable having to pay the same monthly if you have 1 subscriber or 1 million subscriber. But they waive off the monthly if you have not send out your first campaign and they would give you a discount once you get bigger. Also, another thing was the lack of followup emails, or some call it autoresponders, where you send out scheduled emails to each new signup at a preset timing. I would like to see this feature in place but overall it is ok. The support is great - they are very responsive, probably because they are new.

Antwort des Softwareanbieters

von Segmail an 19.8.2017

Thank you for your kind review! We will be pushing out some of the features that you need soon like followup emails. Do come to us if you have other feature requests!