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Bewertet am 23.8.2016
Angela B.
Director of HRIS
Gastgewerbe, 1.001-5.000 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: We started using Workuments almost two years ago. We wanted a system that would meet our current HR needs as well as be able to customize future needs. The system has changed our company from having paperwork that we had to pay to store to one that is online. We have twelve locations and having the ability to access information from all twelve locations with a click of a button has been incredible. Whenever we need help from support they are always there. If I send an email to support I get a response the same business day, usually within a few hours. If it is urgent then it is handled right away. That to me is imperative.

Vorteile: The customization of the software has been one of the biggest pros. When we started out we did not really know what we wanted and over time we have been able to conform the system to what we want it to be. We have been able to streamline all twelve of our locations to make sure that the processes we have put in place are being met. We are able to get information to our employees and managers in a timely manner. If there is an update on one of our policies then we only have to change it in one place. There are audit trails for everything. The reports function allows me to make sure everything in the system is compliant and has saved me hours of time. Employees appreciate that schedules/time records/company information/paperwork/pay stubs are all in one location. They have access to easily make changes on their address and tax forms. Communication has opened up between management and regular staff members.