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von Remy InfoSource

Have been using the software for the last 10 years, seen many changes, upgrades and improvements.

Bewertet am 29.3.2016
Paul J.
Snr. Manager Global Procurement
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Kommentare: The software allows us to execute multiple projects Globally at the same time with very little resources. With standard Tender documents and/or pre-agreed Tender Requirements the Vendors knows what to expect. This reduces the Tender period and save time and money for All. Since all negotiations and communication are done within the system the project team are always informed wherever they are in the world and even on their mobile phones. Once all negotiations are complete, the final price is requested and submitted by the Vendor, an Agreement is reached and the Contract is signed for execution. The system allows us to treat all Vendors equally during negotiations with every step of the negotiations recorded. The Auditors can easy track and check compliance to Policy and good Governance. With multiple build-in standard reports, you can with one click of the mouse check and see Project progress. We have only had good experience with the software and support from Remy InfoSource.