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Bewertet am 3.3.2016
Pat B.
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Kommentare: I have been using this software since its inception, our company has achieved avoided energy costs in the area of $450K per year since 2010. Once we made energy visible it was clear to use where we were wasting energy and what we need to do to reduce our overall costs for energy. We achieve these saving through SOPs (standard operating procedures) and other little to no cost initiatives. The software is simplistic to use click select a date range an EAC (energy account center) and a report you want. Report generation is dynamic only the reports available for the EAC are presented for selection. By studying the electrical demand information provided by the software we developed SOPs to substantially reduce our demand peak from 16MW to 11MW @ $13.45/kw this one item covered to cost of the software/metering in a little more than 2 months. Would highly recommend the software.