Truly Native SFDC Dialer

Bewertet am 18.9.2017
Eric W.
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Kommentare: Some of the problems DialSource Solves are:
- Inefficiency surrounding the outbound InsideSales process, specifically in regard to volume of calls
- System downtime & malfunctions with other dialer solutions that disrupt the business flow
- Inaccurate & delayed data surrounding our InsideSales Team's phone activity.

Vorteile: The fact that their dialer is 100% native to SFDC, built for SFDC, and all their employees are certified SFDC Admins.
It seems, everyone is saying their tool or App is 'native' to SFDC these days, but that only DialSource takes it further & actually puts meaning to 'native' instead of it being a buzz word their sales & marketing team uses.
There are a lot of moving parts in our tech environment and unfortunately we were only able to do a trail of DialSource; though I wish we could've became a full customer.
This was not some skimpy trial however, where you get to make a call or two from a standard object.
Instead, one of their Sales Engineers took the time to get everything configured in SFDC, just for a trial, and several of our employees up and running on it for a couple of days.
During the trial, it worked flawlessly with all our custom objects, fields, & configurations. All the data was logged instantaneously within SFDC, related to the right records, and was 100% accurate.
Needless to say, I was/am impressed by DialSource and will continue to point my colleagues in their direction, despite our inability to move past the trial.