By managing our live auction number 49 with Intrexx we turned over 2 million euros within 2 days!

Bewertet am 7.7.2017
Volker K.
Owner and chief executive
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4 / 5
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Vorteile: - The user-interface within the manager is self explanatory most of the time, which makes first steps very easy.
- The fast and easy creation and adjustment of 100% individualized and customized applications within minutes.
- The very fast and mostly automated way to connect and implement data from foreign sources
- The friendly and solution oriented support from United Planet as well as a lot of online resources for best practices.
What we did with Intrexx:
Within a few months we replaced our old business software (an individual Omnis-based application created from the 1990s) and digitalized business processes with Intrex. Intrexx does now work as contact relationship management, inventory management, live auction processing as well as invoice management tool. In the future we are looking forward to manage our upcoming webshop with Intrexx and to make Intrexx accessible from outside our companies network.

Nachteile: - When trying to create more complex content for our Intrexx applications there were some parts that needed unconventional solutions to make them work, but the support from United Planet had an easy to embed solution for every obstacle we encountered.
- It may take some time when creating a backup that contains a large number of images, therefor we would recommend you to create your backups outside of your regular business hours.