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Visible has revolutionized how I communicate with my investors.

Bewertet am 20.7.2017
Danny E.
Computer-Software, 13-50 Mitarbeiter
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Kommentare: I became far more connected to my investors and was able to keep them very informed.

Vorteile: Visible makes it extremely easy for me to keep in touch with all of my investors and ensure that they are informed about all of our progress, challenges, and successes. Visible makes it easy to connect data and metrics to make charts and graphs that are automatically included in the update template. This way each week I simply have to add content that is supported by our metrics. They provide a very easy way to add images. It is also very easy to control permissions on who can see each update. This can be used to send updates to current investors, the board, your team, your advisors, or potential investors. I have received many complements from my investors for feeling far more informed since I started using Visible.

Nachteile: Visible is continuously growing and adding new features all the time. They don't have everything you might be looking for, but it is still worth the money. Their integrations are limited, but you can easily connect with google sheets for any integrations that aren't native.