Decent Appointment Booking and Invoicing for small businesses

Bewertet am 20.7.2018
Melissa A.
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Kommentare: At the time of implementation the booking system with sync to Google drive was a necessity for our company. Since our CRM has expanded to take over this functionality we have only continued using the software because the invoicing system was so simplistic and the individual doing the process was not interested in pioneering a new solution.

Vorteile: The software has an integrated booking and invoicing system which allows service businesses to charge for reservations and bill for services. The invoicing is simple and easy to administer.

Nachteile: The exporting and reporting options for the invoicing is less than robust. The payment integration options are limited and cumbersome (except for paypal which is not corporate business standard, but does work well for small service businesses such as beauty services, and personal training.)