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Extremely easy to set up and use and extremely very low-cost for startups like ours.

Bewertet am 27.8.2017
Terry L.
Verwendete die Software für: 6-12 Monate
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Vorteile: The consignor notification was the selling feature for us. Our consignors and dealers love getting notified when they sell an item, and logging in to see their sales information. It's also a very simple user interface so it was extremely easy for us to set up, use on opening day, and train new sales team members. Since it's all web-based, it's easy for us to login on any device from anywhere and ring up a sale or check the daily sales. To-date, their platform has been extremely reliable - no downtimes, no outages. Their tech and sales support is very responsive and helpful. Every time we've contacted them with a question or suggestion via email, we get almost an almost immediate response.

Nachteile: We'd love to see this software integrate with our mobile card processor. The lack of integration adds several more steps to complete each transaction, which is clunky. (A downside we knew going in; we didn't anticipate that 99% of our transactions would be credit card based.) We'd also love to have the back office ability to edit transactions (add/correct typos in descriptions and correct for incorrect consignors). We've spoken to the developers about this limitation, along with some additional reporting and navigation features; to their credit, they're been very open to our suggestions. We're hopeful these can be addressed in a future version.