Great functionality comprehensive reporting and faultless customer service

Bewertet am 12.7.2015
Lea-anne H.
Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator
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5 / 5
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5 / 5

Kommentare: I love the functionality of the software and the data it captures. You can tell that it has been designed by people that know and understand how clinical trials are managed and Agile Health Computing's experience is obvious in the design and set up. I really like the way that data can be exported and that you have control over the data entered and can run reports and capture metrics on practically anything you have input. The support I have received has been first class and I really could not fault your customer service and adaptability in being open to practically any request to further develop and improve the package and functionality even from an individual site perspective. As for why we went for MAISi it was mainly down to a exhaustion locally of multiple systems in place and requiring several programs to capture all the data, this led to frustration among staff as well as a lack of efficiency, and while it is still early days and we are yet to roll out the package exclusively, I am incredibly confident that this is the answer to many of these issues and will be an extremely beneficial step towards increasing our productivity and staff education in the processes and management of trials.