Awful experience with their billing service.

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Matthew E.
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Kommentare: Hired them to do our PT billing. It was nothing short of a disaster, felt like a beta-tester or guinea pig the entire time. Had to walk them, the billing company, through how to properly bill worker's compensation. Had literally 32 medicare bills denied on the grounds that the claims were improperly filed whether it be because they didn't scrub for g-codes or applied the wrong modifiers or used the wrong form. They mean well and are nice people but the experience and communication is just not there.

Vorteile: They were receptive to feedback, but read below to find out why.

Nachteile: They literally did not know how to do the one thing we hired them -- medical billing. Automation was always full of errors and bugs, with their rule based system always scrubbing bills the wrong way. Tech support was not in the US, took sometimes weeks to respond, and often had zero solutions other than for us to keep waiting.