Great, easy to use software which can be recommended for academic and industrial usage.

Bewertet am 17.2.2016
Sven H.
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Kommentare: Some background: I had my first contact with Enterprise Dynamics in my 4th semester of my engineering studies in the field "production and logistics" in germany. Experience with other software of this type is existent, but limited. I used the software (Enterprise Dynamics® 9 Student Pro version) for my bachelor´s degree thesis with the title "simulation-supported analysis of production logistics" in a high-precision manufactory. My task was the creation of a semi-realistic (realistic, as far as possible) model of the production line and the analysis of processes within. In addition I had to simulate the usage of an AKL (automatic small parts warehouse) based on gathered planning data in early development stage. About the software:
Enterprise Dynamics has a flat learning curve and can be used by everyone, even without knowledge in the fields of simulation or modelling. It is not necessary to know a lot about programming language until you try to model complex behaviour.
The most difficult part was the abstaction of the reality into logic elements. After that I had no problem building the needed functionality with the large variety of predefined components. After trail-and-erroring some ideas I was able to get all the required features into my model and started analysis. The integrated "experiment wizard" is a great way to get all the information and numbers about the state of the model. After a little troubleshooting and experimenting I had all the data I need to succeed with my thesis at the end of 2015.
About the support:
Customer service is flawless, competent and really fast. As a student it was pretty impressive to get forwarded to a high ranked simulation expert when I had some minor questions. All problems I brought has been resolved.
About the cons:
The tutorials slowly fade out when you reach a certain level of knowledge. Sometimes I had no other choice to contact the support about simple problems (well: "simple" for experts). Although this will be most likely covered by the offered advanced training courses, the in-programm help could need more practical examples on how to use the programming syntax.
Great, easy to use software which can be recommended for academic and industrial usage. If you want to build up company-intern simulation know-how and advanced, deeper knowledge of the functionalities you should consider taking the offered training.