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Bewertet am 30.1.2017
Thomas R.
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Kommentare: I am working as project manager in the construction industry so i am searching for the software that can help to make my job easier .I would like to find the drought of business plan to be easy as well as well construction related proposals. I am always in doing the estimation work either during tendering or as an on going thing during construction so i will be happy if this software can help me in that regard.I have strong believe that it will play a great role towards that line.
So the type of construction project that i have been working involve building project like school,office blocks and resdential building and as well renovation of existing building. I have been as well been involved in the civil engineering kind of project like construction of new reservoir,building of new roads were finishing is paving blocks ,asphalt single seal ,double seal.Other project in the civil engineering field has been water treatment plant working site engineer and as well as as construction manager being involve in the scheduling of the whole work.

Vorteile: To prepare the business document sometime is not an easy thing,This software it make it makes preparation of document more easier, the most unfortunate thing about that it always happen while there is no enough time either due to load of work or the requirement of project to be prepared forone is not familiar with.

Nachteile: This can quickly help to have proper concept of the business idea. which can help to come to the final product of the business with the clear idear with no risk to change the dear in the middle of the business.