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Towngate PLC

Bewertet am 11.11.2014
Julia F.
Marketing Manager
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Kommentare: We have been customers of Kulahub for about 3 4 years. Following initial meetings with Ben, he was able to gain a good understanding of our business and Kulahub were subsequently set the task of designing a CRM system offering all the elements discussed. I was very impressed with the working system which has continued to do an excellent job for us, offering accessibility to up to date and historical customer enquiry records at the click of a button along with professional reports. In addition, the Kulahub designers have designed and tailored a suite of template emailers to correspond with the majority of our marketing campaigns. These will eventually save us a considerable amount of time and money as we are able to bring more jobs in-house as a result.
The team of people at Kulahub are friendly and approachable and have been excellent in promptly answering any queries I have had and resolved any problems in an efficient manner.
Thanks for making my job easier!
Julia M. Ford (Marketing Manager), Towngate PLC