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Simplicity and integration between open source tools

Bewertet am 15.9.2014
Marleine A.
IT Analyst
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Kommentare: I like the fact that it is based on open source solutions but with an additional layer that adds simplicity and integration between open source tools that I am already familiar with. When I scan the network with the auto-detection feature, all the devices that are inserted into the monitoring module are also automatically inserted into the other modules. Pros:
Very complete, all in one box! even management of event logs are included. I don't know how they do this.
Powerful, simple not too much info for nothing and complete.
Intuitive, easy to navigate and provide a bonus of having a good looks for this kind of product.
Not limited to a specific manufacturer, so you can have a flexible network.
Updates automatically, I've nothing to do for this part.
Each module has its own authentication method.
Standard edition is limited in features compared to other the editions.
In conclusion, I would say that it is a very good product in this domain compared to the others which cost your life to be implemented and used.