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Overall Review from La Peer Surgery Center

Bewertet am 11.2.2014
Alison G.
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Kommentare: It is with great pleasure that I share some of the reasons why I find the team at Work Logic to be most integral to my role as an Administrator.
' They have excellent customer service skills; our organization had asked us to switch to Work Logic during our window of survey in 2012. As one can imagine, that was not the best time for us to manage this transition. I believe the staff at Work Logic worked hard at understanding our priorities at the time and renegotiated time lines accordingly.
' They have great depths of knowledge in the areas of labor law, EDD, FMLA and others that none of us are able to stay current with. They have been a vital resource as we have had to encounter difficult employee situations that have included; counseling, termination, unemployment claims, challenges on shift differentials, meal breaks, etc. I would venture to say they have in essence kept me out of trouble and therefore have protected our company in more than one instance.
' They make payroll a priority and will work diligently to help us resolve any issues. They have been extremely patient in training, and will gladly go the extra mile even when an error was made by an employee in time keeping. They gladly help with edits, and anytime there is a request they will overnight checks. Additionally, I have all of the key contact people's cell phones and have been in contact with them as early as 0700 on a payroll due day.
' They stay on top of benefits and have also helped negotiate and intervene when we have had challenges with AFLAC. There had been many cancellation notices sent to employees by AFLAC for lack of payment and after thorough investigation, it turned out AFLAC hadn't adjusted to the new payroll cycle we were on once switching from our previous payroll company. Work Logic helped resolve the issue and no employees suffered lapses in their coverage.
Lastly, I do have some comments in regards to their software and have experienced frustration in use of their time and attendance system. The program is not user friendly, nor is it time saving in approving and editing time cards. I believe WorkLogic software engineers are following up on some of the technical challenges I have voiced to them in the past.