Good way to save money but not the best solution

Bewertet am 3.11.2016
Doug M.
Independent Consultant
Computer-Software, Selbstständig
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Kommentare: BuzzBundle's most attractive feature is that it is seemingly the only solution in its category that can be yours with a one-time purchase. Most appliations and SAAS nowadays are subscription-based. This attracted me to try it out and see if I would recommend it to clients. However, the learning curve is considerably high and the software being local instead of online curbed my interest. It has a lot of great features and might be worth a trial, but be sure to explore other competitors as well.

Vorteile: One-time pricing as well as regular updates included.

Nachteile: Local application instead of cloud/online. Lacks user-friendly interface and has a higher learning curve than other competing options.