a real life perspective not impressed

Bewertet am 9.3.2014
Zach K.
Sales Professional
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Kommentare: I have been using Routzy for three weeks. I can see how it could be benifitial for certain industries or companies that have limited exposure to alternative options in the crm market. Being a sales professional, below is a reveiw of the pro's/con's based on my experience. In my business, it is critical to be able to log and track opportunities. Routzy does not offer a option to log,track, and update opportunities. In additional, in my world a CRM needs to be able to assign mulitiple contacts to an account. Routzy only offers the one contact per account. This must be ok in the world of one man companies. The business I call on have more than one contact which is impossible to enter and manage with Routzy. If this isnt enough to steer clear. Routzy's inability to manage and access my CRM from my pc is a huge detererent and warrents this app useless for my business. There are many CRM's available choose wisely. Advise to managment...ask your sales team before you invest in a costly crm.