TSS Rhea - multi site management & sales operations

Bewertet am 17.4.2019
Scott M.
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Kommentare: Not only are the projects we take in unique, our solutions are also innovative - so using incumbent or off-the-shelf solutions won't work for us. We've been users for more than 4 years make the decision to use TSS Rhea again. New project onboarding and data migration are notoriously difficult in our business, and we're still learning that Rhea has tools to manage those processes that we aren't fully using yet.

Vorteile: Each project that we manage has a number if unique attributes, and being able to fully customize the software to meet the project specifications, rather than creating a work-around to accommodate the software, is a great advantage. The query and reporting capabilities are great. In our business, it's truly cradle-to-grave, with CRM, operations and accounting capabilities. Plus, it interfaces well with other systems like payment gateways, websites and external POS systems. Plus, updates and customizations happen quickly and work well.

Nachteile: Because of its complexity and flexibility, it takes a lot of effort to get it fully configured to accommodate all applicable business rules.