Quantrix is the financial software I've been missing for years

Bewertet am 9.1.2018
Danny E.
C.E.O, Founder
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Kommentare: Amazing insights to our financial state, forecast, and historical tracking. It makes it extremely easy to run multiple what-if scenarios to understand how business decisions today will affect our outcomes.

Vorteile: Quantrix is incredibly powerful for any financial modeling. I am able to build my entire forecast, run very easy what-if analyses, and run multiple scenarios with ease. It removes the notion of a "cell" like a normal spreadsheet and instead everything is an object. This makes it very easy to maintain a model, unlike Excel where equations usually break. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you have the basics, the software becomes a must have for all financial tracking and forecasting.

Nachteile: There is a lack of documentation that makes it hard to learn. There is one amazing Youtube channel that covers a lot of material, but it would still be nice to see more tutorials and documentation.