Fast and secure digital marketing solutions for hotel and restaurant services.

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Kommentare: HotelPORT offers fast and secure Digital Marketing solutions on hotel and restaurant services making them more visible on the web and allowing a greater commercialization of these services. It is available for private or chain hotels, a group of entrepreneurs and any business mechanism related to accommodation and restaurant services that create digital marketing contributions as an information and marketing mechanism with the world.

Vorteile: It uses a fairly reliable system of audit and evaluation of hotel and restaurant services in order to make them reliable for tourists. Once HotelPORT and what3words are associated, they create exact information on the location of the establishments sought by tourists, preventing them from losing time and avoiding bad times looking for addresses of services and establishments that wish to enjoy their place of origin, making their travel experience.

Nachteile: In fact, I particularly, do not find any unfavorable aspect to HotelPort, beyond that that can be generated by a lack of Wi-Fi connection in the local area where it is used or generated by not having any suitable device for its use, because the information that is generated from it is current, real and updated and is a genuine channel for the distribution of digital information that allows marketing to accommodation and catering establishments.