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von ibuyer

Excellent software for small businesses

Bewertet am 19.10.2018
Kristen K.
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Kommentare: I really like the benefit of having hoes on that because they help me find the things I'm trying to get and keep track of them. Keep track of my order who I bought it from how much I paid and this way it makes my day a little bit easier because it's a one Women's Show I need all the help I can get.

Vorteile: What I like most about the software as it's aimed towards small and medium-sized businesses so it left me where I do not feel so overwhelmed by too many choices and it also kept me from having to waste time looking at options that did not pertain to me. And since they deal with smaller companies I feel like they have a little bit more time to help you out and when you're just starting out that means the world.

Nachteile: What I like least about the software even though yes customer service is great A lot of the people I've had to talk to you do not speak very good English making it very hard to understand what they are saying which complicates trying to fix any issues you might have.