Central Software Titan Banking System

Bewertet am 13.10.2010
David B.
I T Manager
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Eigenschaften & Funktionalitäten

Kommentare: Value for money we can have no complaints. The service for us is exemplary. We chose this system initially in 1999, as part of our Millennium Bug review, after evaluating a number of systems. The functionality at that time was more limited but, over the last 10 years and with the co-operation of other users, we have brought it up to meet our requirements and it is now central to our core business.

Vorteile: Very configurable for new products, methods of interest accrual and capitalisation with multiple transfer and pay away options, all of which we can setup ourselves without recourse to the vendor. We have helped to develop and now use Leads Tracking, Document handling, Risk and Management Information modules. Other modules which others have helped develop, such as Foreign Exchange and Multi-Currency, are also available and we expect to make use of them in the future

Nachteile: As with any package software which has not been developed in-house it can take some time to get new features into the software, typically 4 to 8 months.