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Absatzplanung Software hilft Unternehmen bei der Planung, Budgetierung und Szenarioanalyse. Diese Art von Software, die häufig für Ausgaben- und Umsatzprognosen verwendet wird, hilft dir, den Bedarf mit Modellierungs- und Scorecard-Tools zu analysieren. Unternehmen, die nach Absatzplanung Software suchen, werden wahrscheinlich auch von Vertriebsautomatisierung Software, Business Intelligence Tools, Reporting Tools, Entscheidungsunterstützung Software und Datenvisualisierung Software profitieren.

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Zoho CRM bietet kleinen bis großen Unternehmen eine komplette Management-Lösung für das Kundenbeziehung-Lebenszyklus-Management, um Unternehmen hinsichtlich Vertrieb, Marketing, Kunden-Support & Service und Bestandsführung in einem einzigen Geschäftssystem zu unterstützen Erfahre mehr über Zoho CRM Zoho CRM bietet Unternehmen eine komplette Lösung für das Kundenbeziehung-Lebenszyklus-Management Erfahre mehr über Zoho CRM
Capsule ist das clevere, einfache CRM, das von Tausenden von Unternehmen weltweit verwendet wird, um stärkere Kundenbeziehungen aufzubauen, mehr Umsatz zu generieren und Zeit zu sparen. Die Lösung enthält eine Verkaufsprognose und eine visuelle Vertriebspipeline, damit sich dein Team auf das Abschließen von Geschäften konzentrieren kann. Die Lösung lässt sich in über 1.000 Tools wie Google G-Suite für E-Mail und Zapier für Marketingautomatisierung integrieren. Bezahlte Konten ab 12 US-Dollar/Monat. Erfahre mehr über Capsule Capsule ist das intelligente einfache Online-CRM. Kostenloses Konto für bis zu 2 Benutzer oder bezahlte Konten ab 15US-$/Monat. Erfahre mehr über Capsule
SlickPie is free online accounting software designed for small businesses, offering online invoicing and billing, multicurrency, quotes and estimates. bank reconciliation, financial reporting, expense tracking, sales tax management, source document upload, and more. SlickPie also delivers many time-saving automation features, such as automatic payment reminders and recurring invoices, and it offers a built-in automated receipt data entry tool, the MagicBot. Free online accounting software for small businesses. Send invoices, collect payments, track expenses, get bank feeds, & more. No spam.
Convert more leads, close more sales, track your deal flow. Get an instant snapshot of your sales pipeline without spending hours updating deals and attempting to keep up. Increase your interaction with your clients, and turn cold leads into paying customers. No longer rely on chance or guesswork when it comes to your companys most valuable assets Your sales forecast and revenue stream. Tubular really is simple sales pipeline software, built for teams. Convert more leads, close more sales, track your deal flow. Tubular is simple sales pipeline software, built for teams.
Apollo is the unified engagement acceleration platform that gives reps the ability to dramatically increase their number of quality conversations and opportunities. Reps are empowered do more than just conduct outreach, they learn who to target, how to reach out, and what to say at speed and scale. We help drive growth and success by providing the means for teams to discover and utilize their organizations unique best practices. Apollo is the foundation for your entire end-to-end sales strategy.
MoData ist eine komplette Absatzplanung-Software für leistungsstarke Vertriebsteams. Die Anwendung integriert sich direkt in dein CRM und bietet eine vorausschauende Perspektive auf alles, von einzelnen Abschlüssen bis hin zum Wachstum deines Unternehmens — und unterstützt dich bei der sofortigen Entscheidungsfindung, schlägt Kurskorrekturen vor und unterstützt dich bei der effektiven Planung des Quartals. Mit konfigurierbaren Benutzerhierarchien, Prognosekategorien und benutzerdefinierten Feldzuordnungen fügt sich MoData in die einzigartige Struktur deines Teams ein. Morgen schon heute sehen. Vertriebsprognosen für Unternehmen, Abschlussvoraussagen, Kontingent- und Verlaufsverfolgung mit spezieller UI. Unterstützt die meisten CRMs sofort.
SalesChoice is a SaaS Predictive & Prescriptive analytics company that increases the performance of B2B sales. We make the world of sales smarter by analyzing Salesforce CRM data and external data sources fed into SalesChoice's predictive analytic insight engine. We specialize in sales prioritization, sales forecasting, predictive pricing , and propensity to purchase scoring, using machine learning methods. Our market entry is on the SalesForce.com App Exchange. Friendlier & Smarter Sales Prediction Analytics Leveraging BIG DATA
Collective[i]'s mission is to help companies and B2B sales professionals around the world predictably manage and grow revenue. Collective[i] hosts a suite of applications that deliver insights to B2B sales teams and Intelligence.com, a global network for sales professionals. Collective[i] is a pioneer in the future of work movement that combines machine learning/artificial intelligence and massive data sets captured via cloud computing in order to improve productivity and grow revenue. Collective[i] hosts one of the largest networks of sales data that is combined with AI and predictive analytics to create intelligence.

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Infogamy is an Early Analytics lead management solution that enables the discovery of deeper insights, make predictions, and generate recommendations, when you need it most: Before your sales team engages with incoming leads, helping you close more deals faster. What youre waiting for? Get your free account today. It is super Easy to Implement and Use Infogamy is an Early Analytics lead management solution. Get your free account today. It is super Easy to Implement and Use

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For any retailer it would be a waste of precious resources to overstock the storage or not to have enough amounts of particular products. Sales forecasting enables clever resource management helping retailers not just with their storage but also with planning budgets and costs, workforce, promotion activities, etc. High sales forecast accuracy is crucial and A4E` applications often exceed 95%. a4RetailStores is forecasting future sales and customer demand. The application excels statistical approach by using data analytics

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Web based time-series forecasting software that is well suited for sales, inventory, budget and revenue forecasting. Web based time-series forecasting software that is well suited for sales, inventory, budget and revenue forecasting.

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Agendor is a CRM and business management platform that acts as a dashboard and personal assistant to sales teams. Through the platform, it is possible to centralize contacts, monitor ongoing business and have greater visibility of the results. Ideal for companies with consultative and field sales, the mobile app works offline and features Smart Flows, suggesting what must be done to evolve negotiations. Agendor is a CRM and business management platform that acts as a dashboard and assistant for sales teams.