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Businessplan Software hilft Unternehmern, Start-ups und Geschäftsentwicklern detaillierte Geschäftspläne zu erstellen. Businessplan Software umfasst finanzielle Budgetierung und Tools für Investoren, mit denen du dir Investitionskapital oder Geschäftskredite sichern kannst. Häufig kannst du Berichte, Grafiken und andere visuelle Elemente erstellen, um das aktuelle und prognostizierte Wachstum deines Unternehmens zu veranschaulichen. Businessplan Software ist mit Unternehmensführung Software und Business Performance Management Software verbunden.

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ESM + Strategy hilft Unternehmen dabei, ihren strategischen Plan zu entwickelt, anzupassen und zu überwachen. Mit automatisierten ausgewogenen Wertungslisten, Strategieplänen und sofortigen Berichen erweckt ESM die Strategie zum Leben. Wenn du beginnst, wird dir ein Tutorial dabei helfen, strategische Schlüsselziele, Maßnahmen und Initiativen anzulegen. Wenn die strategische Planung abgeschlossen ist, verwenden Unternehmen ESM dazu, Updates zu den Fortschritten zu sammeln, um den Bedarf an ausladenenden Tabellen und Präsentationsfolien zu eliminieren. Verfolge den Fortschritt deines strategischen Plans mit ausgewogenen Wertungslisten, Strategieplänen, Dashboards und sofort erstellten Exporten.
Poindexter is the easiest way to produce comprehensive financial projections and budgets. No technical knowledge in finance or MS Excel required. Our plug-and-play play platform enables anyone to quickly create full income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements for new business plans. Easily fine-tune the profitability of your business strategy by analyzing multiple scenarios. An Automated Financial Forecasting and Budgeting Software for New Business Planning.
Capture, track and manage a full 360 business planning process incorporating all aspects of the plan from headline goals to front line delivery. Align transaction data to test the impact of operational activity on strategy. Engage users in the process, creating a fun and intuitive Decision Experience, turning everyone¿s working day into targeted excellence. Empower employees to deliver the vision collectively with clear prioritization, accountability, facts and most likely outcome performance. Make business plans come to life! Make them meaningful, actionable, embedded and real-time.
Android app that creates a great business plan through content, templates, and more. Android app that creates a great business plan through content, templates, and more.
MAUS MasterPlan Lean is challenging the status quo of contemporary business planning. This revolutionary tool takes you through a simply questions and answer format, guiding you through the entire process, presenting to you a stunning business plan with a complete set of financials. The MasterPlan Lean software drives accountability with goals and actions produced throughout the business plan. This means that you will be held accountable to staying on track with the business plan as you grow! Create an impressive business plan for your business that is guaranteed to have the WOW factor.
Funnel Plan is an online planning tool that will help you clarify your yearly sales and marketing plan. Funnel Plan's step-by-step approach helps you uncover the answers to questions every business, sales or marketing leader should know, like, how many deals do you need to close to meet your sales target next year? Or who is your ideal client? Or what problem do you solve? Capture your entire strategy into a beautiful one-page plan that downloads into a PDF. Get a free trial plan today. Cloud-based sales and marketing tool that assists firms with knowledge sharing, collaboration, campaign briefs and analysis.
Bring your business idea to life with this solution that simplifies business plan generation and evaluation. Bring your business idea to life with this solution that simplifies business plan generation and evaluation.
Download Scratchplan for free at http://get.scratchplan.app. Scratchplan helps you picture the future of your business, project or hobby in three simple steps: 1) Create Indicators that you would like to track in an easy and enjoyable interface. 2) Use simple formula components to define how Indicators behave over time. 3) Travel through time using the unique Scratch Pad and watch your project develop. With Scratchplan, enjoy creating business plans, quantitative simulations and projections on your iPad or iPhone.
TheBizPlanner is a premier application for business planning and investor relations enabling entrepreneurs to create a business plan and connect with investors and enablers of the ecosystem. Application for business planning and investor relations.