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Ergotherapie Software bietet Praxis-Managementlösungen für Ergotherapeuten.

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SimplePractice ist eine Plattform mit ausgezeichneten Nutzer*innenbewertungen für kleine Unternehmen im Bereich Gesundheit und Wellness. Das branchenführende Funktionsset von SimplePractice ist für seine saubere Nutzer*innenoberfläche bekannt und umfasst einen vollständig papierlosen Neuaufnahmeprozess, nutzer*innendefinierte Notizen und Formulare, kostenlose Terminerinnerungen (SMS, E- und Voice-Mail), eine mobile App, elektronische Forderungseinreichung, ein schönes Kund*innenportal, Rechnungsstellung und Fakturierung sowie Telehealth! Tritt mit deinen Kund*innen in Kontakt über HIPAA-konforme Videos – jederzeit und überall! Wechsle noch heute kostenlos zu SimplePractice und schließe dich mehr als 40.000 Kund*innen an, die florierende Gesundheits- und Wellnessunternehmen betreiben.
Outpatient Rehab Specific: Document in half the time with twice the compliance (prove it to yourself with our hands-on EMR trial). Systems 4PT delivers an average 9% increase in collections per claim, (we measure before and after with each installation). While industry collections have deteriorated, our practices' average collections have not declined since 2013. Founded in 2002, Systems 4PT technology delivers the undisputed fastest documentation with the undisputed highest collections. A system overview will demonstrate unique technology that delivers the fastest documentation, higher compliance & strongest collections

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Patient billing, insurance claims (paper and electronic), notes and scheduling, ShrinkRapt does it all, without monthly fees saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Your purchase can be customized so you only pay for the features you need. After you purchase, you always have access to your information because you own a software license, unlike online programs, where you loose access to your information if you stop paying the monthly fee. Simple practice billing with no annual or monthly fees. Send statements and insurance claims for up to 50 patients, only 99 cts.

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Medica Billing Solutions is a revenue cycle management company that partners with physicians to provide state of the art productivity apps that include electronic medical record, revenue cycle management, practice management, e-prescribing, patient portals, electronic scribes, and revolutionary telemedicine tools. Physicians utilizing these apps and paired with Medicas RCM/Practice Management core abilities experience efficiencies well beyond industry norms. Specializing in Therapy Billing We provide cutting edge physician productivity apps paired with our RCM support and experience regaining profitable bottom lines.

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TeleRehab / Telehealth software that provides the best user experience to patients and providers alike. TeleRehab / Telehealth software that provides the best user experience to patients and providers alike.

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Are you tired of an interface that looks like the early stages of Microsoft Windows? How about old school software that still needs to be downloaded? Like you, we were tired of using workarounds to get simple tasks completed or even change a simple user setting. With AlohaABA you get the newest and greatest technology built with one person in mind, you! Looking for data entry, document management, scheduling, validations, and accounts receivable? No problem, we've got you covered with AlohaABA. AlohaABA reduces the administrative work needed to run a successful practice by seamlessly integrating billing, scheduling, and payroll