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Mit der Kompensationsmanagement Software können Unternehmen die Motivation und Bindung ihrer Mitarbeiter verbessern, indem sie leistungsabhängige Vorteile strukturieren, Zahlungsanpassungen unternehmensweit optimieren und Ausgleichszahlungen verfolgen. Kompensationsmanagement Software ist verwandt mit Talent Management Software, Mitarbeiterbeurteilung Software, Kommissionierungs-Software und Lohnprogrammen.

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von Harvest HCM

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Harvest HCM Compensation helps organizations with 500 employees or more automate any pay/compensation program (merit, bonus, stock, equity, STIP/LTIP, promotion, etc) through an easy to use web-based software solution. Our compensation administration application gives managers an easy to use online system to help eliminate compensation spreadsheets. Our clients include organizations from a variety of industries with a few hundred employees all the way up to organizations with 50,000+ employees. Erfahre mehr über Harvest HCM Compensation Harvest HCM Compensation help organizations automate any pay program (merit, bonus, stock, equity, STIP/LTIP) through an online portal. Erfahre mehr über Harvest HCM Compensation

von Compport IT Solutions

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A dynamic, flexible & intelligent solution to manage complicated compensation processes. There is nothing that Compport cannot do in compensation area - from design to communication, from salary reviews to incentives to LTI to Bonus schemes, from flexi salary structure plan to annual HR operating budget planning, from multidimensional and intuitive analytics to in-house feedback mechanism... its all there in Compport. And we are not stopping here, we continue to evolve... Erfahre mehr über Compport Compport is a smart & agile one-stop solution for Compensation, Analytics and Surveys, driving the best value out of your investments. Erfahre mehr über Compport

von Ninth Floor Technologies

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Are you an SMB looking to automate sales commissions? Sales Cookie is an easy-to-use, cloud-based Sales Commission Management Solution. Using a clean web interface, you can create flexible incentives, submit fast calculations, generate payout reports, and much more. Our solution is 100% cloud and 100% made in the USA. Want to sync sales transactions from SalesForce or have us automatically convert between currencies? You got it! Say goodbye to old-fashioned commission spreadsheets! Erfahre mehr über Sales Cookie Sales Cookie is an SMB-friendly, 100% cloud Sales Commission Management solution including incentive plan design & personal dashboards. Erfahre mehr über Sales Cookie

von Capshare

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Mit Capshare kannst du dein gesamtes Kapital an einem Ort verwalten, so dass du Aktien ausgeben und dich auf sinnvolle Weise mit deinen Aktionären austauschen kannst. Erfahre mehr über Capshare Ausgabe von Aktien und Verwaltung deines gesamten Eigenkapitals an einem Ort ohne Tabellenkalkulation und Papierkram. Erfahre, warum 10.000 Unternehmen Capshare vertrauen. Erfahre mehr über Capshare

von Hibob

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bob understands it's all about timing. When you need to make a major management decision, bob is there with real-time data, reports, and analysis. bob has all of your employee data, so your pensions auto-enrollment set-up is easy. Our direct integrations with pensions providers means that we can transfer your chosen setup and employee details straight to them, and they'll take all ongoing scheme management. It's fully compliant, and can all happen in under 10 minutes.Yes, we did say ten minutes. Compensation is taken care of with bob. You'll be able to remain compliant, retain and reward, boost motivation, and maximize ROI.

von Performio

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With Performio, you maximize your business accuracy and productivity, all at a surprisingly affordable price. Weve helped hundreds of businesses boost their performance and kickstart their growth, and we can do the same for you. Get started with a demonstration today. Performio is the stand-out sales commission software for companies serious about driving a high-performance culture.

von inLOGIC.ca

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inLOGIC is the most flexible and yet accurate sales compensation system for any types of enterprises. Free-form rule writing and record keeping features make us unique in the market. Not many users enjoy this functions at price we are offering. With the Internet connection, users will have access to the system anytime, anywhere. We removed unnecessary wrapping that increases the overhead, but instead, we are very much accessible to the users who would appreciate the agility of the system. Increase your bottom line through flexible, accurate, reliable, and yet affordable sales comp system.

von Moulton & Hardin

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One Single Employee Record - Recruiting, Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Payroll, Time, and HRIS Modules for Human Capital Management One Single Employee Record - Recruiting, Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Payroll, Time, and HRIS Modules for Human Capital Management

von The Pay Index

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The Pay Index enables business leaders and companies to access current senior executive compensation data through a variety of interactive reports where you can compare compensation against different job titles, functions, industries and geographies. The Pay Index enables businesses to accurately compare current global compensation through a variety of interactive reports.