Kostenlose Hauseigentümerverband Software

Hauseigentümerverband Software ist für die speziellen Anforderungen von Anlagen mit Einfamilienhäusern, Eigentumswohnungen und ähnlichen Wohnformen sowie Hauseigentümervereinigungen konzipiert. Sie bietet ähnliche Funktionen wie Immobilienmanagementsoftware und Fondsbuchhaltung Software. Zu den Standardfunktionen gehört, Informationen zu Hauseigentümern und Mitgliedern von Eigentumswohnungsvereinigungen nachzuverfolgen, Community-Foren zu erstellen und Mitgliedertreffen zu verwalten. Hauseigentümerverband Software ist verwandt mit Mitgliederverwaltung Software und Vereinssoftware.

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von Wild Apricot

(456 Bewertungen)
Wild Apricot helps thousands of organizations spend less time on administrative tasks, like processing payments and updating Excel files, and more time on growing their membership. Its designed for volunteer run and small staff organizations with a user-friendly back end so that you don't have to be a technical genius to take your organization to the next level. In addition, you'll have access to a community of peers and experts that share knowledge and best practices. We've got your back! Erfahre mehr über Wild Apricot Membership and database management software brings together all the tools you need to efficiently run your organization. Erfahre mehr über Wild Apricot

von memberplanet

(254 Bewertungen)
Manage, engage, and grow your HOA with powerful, cloud-based software packed with dynamic solutions and API integrations for your unique workflows. The easy-to-use tool kit allows you to seamlessly communicate across your organization, process payments, and manage members. Use memberplanet to facilitate transparency, ongoing communication, and collaboration between board members and homeowners. Erfahre mehr über memberplanet memberplanet simplifies membership and makes it easy to manage your HOA. Erfahre mehr über memberplanet

von Bitrix

(339 Bewertungen)
Extrem sichere, schlüsselfertige Intranet-Lösung, die zur Steigerung der Produktivität der Mitarbeiter und Optimierung interner Operationen eine umfassende Zusammenarbeits-Funktionalität liefert. Das Produkt umfasst eine breite Palette von Funktionen für die Zusammenarbeit mit Aufgabenmanagement, Zeitplanung und Kalenderfunktionen, gemeinsame Dokumente mit Versionsverwaltung, virtuellen Arbeitsgruppen und kanalisierten Benachrichtigungen. Alles eingewickelt in der Branchen-führenden Sicherheitsstruktur, Business-Prozess-Management und dem internen sozialen Netzwerk. Erfahre mehr über Bitrix24 Hochwertige Lösung für effektive Zusammenarbeit, Kommunikation, Social Networking, Workflow und Wissensmanagement. Erfahre mehr über Bitrix24

von Community Ally

(21 Bewertungen)
HOA Ally provides your association with a free website to track documents, collect assessment payments, share news, and provide many other features that reduce the time needed to keep your association running smoothly and accomplish things never before possible. Your website is completely private and only accessible by residents that are invited by you and your board. We help all types of HOAs, but focus on helping smaller (<150 homes) self-managed associations. HOA Ally helps homeowners' associations perform their management duties with a private, secure website for free.

von HOA Express

(18 Bewertungen)
HOA Express provides an industry leading interface for creating community websites. Thousands of neighborhoods, HOAs, and condominiums from every U.S. state and more than a dozen countries across the globe count on us to power their online presence. We believe offering the friendliest-to-use tool packed with a plethora of features is the key to our high customer satisfaction. Our website builder should make running your community easier, and every decision we make is aimed at that goal. A delightful way to build an outstanding website for your HOA, condo, or neighborhood. Loved by thousands across the globe!

von CondoCommunities.com

(8 Bewertungen)
Provides property management companies and HOA's/Condo's with management and communication tools for their buildings. Provides property management companies and HOA's/Condo's with management and communication tools for their buildings.

von eUnify

(0 Bewertungen)
Unify Your Technology - Integrative enterprise class HOA web portals and full cloud-based property management platform. Management companies + self-managed HOA's....Look No Further! Affordable websites, mobile compliance, and Sage + QuickBooks integration

von Shipplicity

(0 Bewertungen)
OwnerGo is the customizable web portal for all condo, townhome, and single family home communities. Give your homeowners and residents access to critical information and let the website take care of the bookkeeping details for you. It automates tasks such as reminding owners of deadlines and manages the leasing list for you. Signing up is easy: Just upload a spreadsheet with your homeowner information, and send out a notification to homeowners to register on the website. It's that easy! A proven website solution for your HOA, condo, or co-op community with features such as lease, records management, documents, and forum

von Monthli

(0 Bewertungen)
Communication and information sharing platform for HOAs and property managers that features ticketing workflows, reporting, event calendar, onboarding members and more. Communication & information sharing platform for HOAs & property managers that features ticketing workflows, reporting, calendar & more
Free HOA website and tools to make managing your community stress-free, with reservations, docs, calendar, directory, and more. Free HOA website and tools to make managing your community stress-free, with reservations, docs, calendar, directory, and more.