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Kreditsoftware hilft Kreditinstituten bei der Vorbereitung und Verwaltung von Krediten. Zu den Institutionen, die Kreditanwendungen verwenden, gehören Hypothekenbanken, Geschäftsbanken, Treuhandgesellschaften, Vertragsdienstleister, Titelgesellschaften, Kreditgenossenschaften, Regierungsbehörden und private Kreditgeber. Diese Lösungen bieten einfach zu bedienende, genaue und effiziente Systeme für die tägliche Verwaltung von Anlegern und Kreditportfolios. Kreditsoftware ist mit Bankensoftware, Finanzrisikomanagement Software, Kreditvergabesoftware und Hypotheken und Darlehensverwaltung Software verbunden.

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von Turnkey Lender

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Turnkey Lender ist eine Cloud-basierte Software für die Kreditabwicklung. Die Plattform deckt alle Phasen des gesamten Kreditlebenszyklus einschließlich des Kreditnehmermanagements ab: Veranlassung, Versicherung, Sicherheit, Betreuung, Erhebung und Berichterstattung für die Bewertung von Kreditnehmern, Entscheidungsunterstützung und Online-Kreditprozessautomatisierung. Die Turnkey-Lender-Lösung enthält Best Practices aus der Erfahrung von Online-Kreditgebern und Banken. Erfahre mehr über TurnKey Lender Erfahre mehr über TurnKey Lender

von Plaid

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Plaid, a technology company that works to connect consumer's bank accounts with financial applications, offers a lending product, called Assets. Assets allow lenders to embed Plaid directly into their applications to improve the digitization of the loan-application process. The D1C product helps drive operational efficiency and ensures information completeness and integrity. For borrowers, the tool allows the quick sharing of information required by lenders directly from the source. Erfahre mehr über Plaid for Lending Verifies a borrower assets with One Day Certainty to streamline and improve the lending process. Erfahre mehr über Plaid for Lending

von FileInvite

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FileInvite automatisiert den Prozess der Erfassung von Informationen und Dokumenten von deinen Kunden. Der Prozess wurde mit einer sicheren Schnittstelle vereinfacht. Alles, was du tun musst, ist ein FileInvite mit den von dir benötigten Informationen zu erstellen und zu senden. Der Client lädt dann die Dateien in ein sicheres Portal hoch, in dem du die eingereichten Informationen genehmigen oder ablehnen kannst. Mit FileInvite kannst du Erinnerungen, Vorlagen und Synchronisierung mit deinem bevorzugten Cloud-Speicher wie Google Drive einrichten. Sende ein FileInvite noch heute! Erfahre mehr über FileInvite Automatisiere den Prozess des Erfassens von Informationen und Dokumenten von deinen Kunden mit einer einfachen und sicheren Schnittstelle. Erfahre mehr über FileInvite

von LoanCirrus

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We help lenders do better lending. LoanCirrus supports online and in-branch customer onboarding. Customized loan processes and rules. Powerful loan servicing and repayments collections tools PLUS full reporting included. LoanCirrus is the best value available. Support for your users (unlimited) is also included. For smaller lenders our pricing is US$49.99 /month and US$1 per active loan per month. Above 1,000 loans pricing is negotiable. Connect anything to LoanCirrus - we have APIs. Erfahre mehr über LoanCirrus A cloud-based loan management platform that efficiently manages loans. Our pricing starts at only $49.99 per month + $1 per active loan Erfahre mehr über LoanCirrus

von Uber Writer

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UberWriter is an income analysis suite for underwriters and processors. Gather income docs from borrower automatically with our data integrations. UberWriter automatically determines the borrower's income to give you consistent guideline compliant income every time. Our clients save time and lower their error rate by relying on UberWriter. We support all income types in the guidelines. A one-stop shop for sourcing income docs and determining income. UberWriter automatically determines the borrower's income to give you consistent guideline compliant income every time.

von Loandisk

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Loandisk ist ein Online-Kredit-Management-System, entwickelt für die Mikrofinanzierung und Kreditunternehmen. Verwalten alle Client-Darlehen und Einsparungen an einem Ort. Senden eine SMS an deine Kreditnehmer. Detaillierte Statistiken und Charts. Download von Darlehen, Aussagen und Berichten. Verwalte Kosten und Gehaltsabrechnungen. Cloudbasierte Darlehen-Software, die sicher und einfach zu bedienen ist. Es gibt keinen Vertrag. 30 Tage kostenlose Testversion. Mit dem Vertrauen von Mikrounternehmen aus der ganzen Welt. Loandisk ist ein Online-Kredit-Management-System. Verwalte Kundendarlehen und Einsparungen. Entwickelt speziell für die Mikrofinanzindustrie.

von Third Eye Solutions

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Third Eye Solutions is a software company that specializes in lending and loan servicing applications for the financial services industry, helping companies ensure compliance to regulations and mitigate financial/legal risk. Third Eye strives to enhance the end user experience by minimizing the time to market, carrying out analytics, and optimizing workflow automation. The company offers a suite of innovative solutions for commercial and personal lending including factoring and cash advances Software to manage proof of compliance to financial regulations, loan origination, manage a loan portfolio and generate client letters.

von Payment Components

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There is now a modern, easy and cost effective online service to write SWIFT messages for Trade Financing. aplonTRADE is a modern way to exchange with your trade partners all your SWIFT MT7xx (MT700, MT760, MT768, MT998, MT999, MT103 and many more) messages. You can validate them against the latest SWIFT rules, export and email them in user friendly PDF format, or even in native SWIFT format. It requires no SWIFT connectivity and can be used by anyone. Easy and instant Online Preparation, Formatting and Validation of SWIFT Messages for Trade Financing.

von IndusFlow Systems

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SYNDi Mortgage Manager is a general purpose application that handles all loans including interest only or blended mortgages payable weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Single investor or syndicated loans; Fixed or variable interest rates; Amortization Tables; Calculation of NSF charges for returned borrower checks; Ability to define unlimited number of optional fields; Generation of G/L entries. Full loan cycle from funding to discharge for interest-only and blended mortgages funded by single lenders or syndicates.

von Quickcheck Canada

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Payday loan verification software that assists the industry in regulating and protecting the consumer from multiple payday loans. Payday loan verification software that assists the industry in regulating and protecting the consumer from multiple payday loans.

von SB Technologies

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When it comes to lending business every lender has their own way of doing business. With eLending Platform you can automate the whole lending process from loan origination to closure. Key features are 1. Loan Origination (Website, API, Mobile) 2. Loan Decision (Credit Vetting, Bank Validation, Fraud check) 3. Loan Collection & Servicing (Card, DD, ACH) 4. Communicaiton (SMS, Email, post) 5. Document Management 6. Reports 7. Loan Servicing 8. Data Migration 9. Compliant and Secured An end-to-end automated white label lending solution. From Loan origination, Decisioning, Collection, servicing. Lend it in your way

von JMB Lending

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Start your own Business with trusted lending system and secured database Handy Business Keep on track of your business anywhere and anytime. Create accounts of your branches, admins, employees and collectors. Accounting Reports View a complete summary of your Collection, Loan, Expenses and Income Reports. Avoid lapse for the system will only run your inputs. Fast Report Generate fast reports with accounting formula, One click report and one click print. Dynamic reports for your Start your own Business with trusted lending system and secured database SIMPLE AND USER-FRIENDLY ACCOUNTING REPORTS

von Invoice Cloud

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Invoice Cloud provides highest adopting, simple and secure e-billing, payment and software systems. Intuitive Customer engagement moves users to paperless self service because its the easiest way to interact with Client organizations. True SaaS platform that is fully branded as the Client, all communications are secure and made on Clients behalf. Invoice Cloud provides simple and secure e-billing, payment and software systems that drive cost savings.