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Kuriersoftware wird verwendet, um Paketlieferdienste zu verwalten. Auftragseingabe, Versand, Routenplanung, Auftragserteilung, Bezahlung der Spediteure, Abrechnung, GPS und Verkaufsanalyse sind allesamt Merkmale dieser Art von Software. E-Mail-Benachrichtigung und spezielle Anweisungsfelder für Fahrer können ebenfalls verfügbar sein. Kuriersoftware ist verwandt mit Versandsoftware, Speditionssoftware, Versandlogistik Software, Vertriebssoftware und Logistik Software.

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von GetSwift

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GetSwift is a simple software that streamlines your whole delivery business, enabling you to track drivers, alerts customers with live tracking in your company branding as well as collect rich business intelligence to help you keep improving and growing your delivery operation. Erfahre mehr über GetSwift Simple delivery software for you to dispatch like Uber, track like Dominos, route like FedEx. Erfahre mehr über GetSwift

von DeliveryMark

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Used by Couriers, Messengers, Delivery Companies and anyone making deliveries. Perfect for any size company. The DeliveryMark Delivery App allows you to Create Deliveries/Orders, Track via GPS, Collect Signatures, Take Photos, Create a Proof-Of-Delivery document and more. Easy to Use. Costs less than the price of today's lunch. Start-Ups Welcome! *Ask us about Customized Private Label Options* Erfahre mehr über DeliveryMark Easy-to- use Delivery App for Couriers, Messengers, Delivery Companies & anyone making deliveries. $7 /mo /driver for unlimited use. Erfahre mehr über DeliveryMark

von Journease Software

(15 Bewertungen)
We designed Journease to support and streamline transport businesses of all shapes and sizes whether you run a large warehousing operation, same-day courier service or youre an owner driver A professional product to support and streamline your business - Backoffice, Mobile, Web Booking, Warehouse. Visit our site for a demo.
Zippykind offers delivery software for local delivery businesses. Drivers, customers and delivery store owners love our delivery software. Drivers can download our Android and Apple app and send updates on the progress of the delivery to the customer and to the dispatch operator. Dispatch operators can track the drivers location and oversee every step in the delivery process. Zippykind is loaded with features. Sign up for your free account today and take our software for a test drive. Powerful, Easy To Use & FREE Delivery Software for your local delivery business. Drivers, Customers & Dispatch Operators all love our a

von GSMtasks

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Mit GSMtasks erhalten Benutzer einen vollständigen Überblick über ihre mobilen Mitarbeiter, während sie deren tägliche Aufgaben aktualisieren und alle Kunden-/Aufgabeninformationen inkludieren können. Mobile Mitarbeiter müssen nicht mehr mit allen relevanten Informationen zur Arbeit kommen, einschließlich digitaler Dokumente und Signaturen, die auf ihr mobiles Gerät geliefert werden. GSMtasks ist eine mobile Lösung, um deine mobilen Mitarbeiter effizient zu verwalten und zu analysieren.

von couriermanager

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CourierManager is a software solution developed especially to respond to Courier, Delivery and Logistics companies needs. Modern tool to organize, control and monitor your expeditions activity. A complete software solution for your courier company. Complete software solution designed for delivery management, including a mobile app for couriers. Easy tracking, billing and more.

von Portable Electronics

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LiveParcels is the world's first and only parcel tracking system based on an award winning Open Source CMS, Drupal. This means LiveParcels is extremely flexible and can easily be customized by end users as well as developers. LiveParcels supports online quotation, booking, payment, tracking, etc. FREE Android mobile app is provided to allow your driver to easily update parcel status by scanning QR code. FREE trial and demo is available. A complete standalone system for any small to medium size courier companies anywhere in the world with many unique advantages.

von Parcelhub

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Flexible and scalable, Parcelhub services integrate seamlessly with marketplaces, eCommerce platforms and order management systems, providing hundreds of multi-channel retailers, global brands and wholesalers with one access point to 20+ carriers and 600+ services. Distributing more than 6 million parcels on its own carrier contracts every year, Parcelhubs free multi-carrier shipping software grants hundreds of national and global businesses access to 'pooled volume' discounted rates. Parcelhub is a bespoke and proactive multi-carrier delivery management and eCommerce tracking support solution.

von Nology Solutions & Systems

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Delivery Suite is a robust group of tools for the Courier, Transportation and Warehousing Industries. Order Entry, Dispatch, Multiple Legs, Cross Shipping, Zone Drawing, Linking, Warehousing, Tracking, and Asset Management. A Suite of robust tools for the Courier, Transportation and Warehousing Industries

von Mav-IT

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The software has been primarily invented for the mail order services, but it is also perfect for the spot (motor bike) delivery services as well. It dispose four interfaces: It has a client side surface on which you can place your customers to send their orders over the web and they can follow the process of delivery. On the the same place they can maintain their own data, and they are able to download the label in PDF format as well as, the label is what you need to print in order Tool for all parcel delivery and couriers with features such as billing, forecasting, and barcoding.

von Cabrella Shipping Insurance

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Cabrella Shipping Insurance Software is designed to make shipping insurance as easy as possible. Nearly fully-automated claims filing, seamless integration and onboarding, risk analysis, shipment notifications, and loss ratio calculations are a few of the software's supplementary features to unbeatable shipping insurance rates. Courier software designed to drastically cut shipping insurance costs and simplify any shipping insurance processes.

von TekCore

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TekCore is setting the standard for inbound package tracking with its latest release of TekTrack. TekTrack is an easy-to-use tracking system that lets you track assets or packages in real time... anytime, anywhere. TekTrack provides benefits like: automated e-mail & text message notifications, signature & image capturing, carrier integration, document attachments, alerts, extensive search & reporting capabilities, customizable workflow, mobile & desktop support, web-browser interface, & more. TekTrack, the industry-leading, Internal Mail & Package Tracking Software System for your inbound tracking demands.

von Automated Digital Offices

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Cloud based solution for vehicle delivery. Features include invoicing, routing, and tracking. Cloud based solution for vehicle delivery. Features include invoicing, routing, and tracking.

von Protracked

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Courier software with features including vehicle tracking, driver updates, route display and 24 hour service. Courier software with features including vehicle tracking, driver updates, route display and 24 hour service.

von Package.AI

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A courier solution for the Israeli market to optimize routes, coordinate recipients, dispatch routes to drivers, recipients, and more. A courier solution for the Israeli market to optimize routes, coordinate recipients, dispatch routes to drivers, recipients, and more.

von Deliforce

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Deliforce offers a wide range of benefits to businesses dealing with pickup and delivery, appointment and field force management. It bridges the gap between the Owner, Customers and Delivery agents with real time accurate tracking and updated notifications for every status of task. Deliforce can be used to restaurants, manufacture, retail, banks, ecommerce, food delivery, grocery delivery, home services and many industries, who deal with delivery, appointments and workforce in field. Ultimate platform to streamline your complex delivery operations and track your field staffs, delivery boys or technician in real time.

von Jacurier

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The platform works via combination of a personal account and a mobile application for drivers or GPS tracker installed in a vehicle. This way the system manages to allocate orders and develop the optimal route by solving the classical transport issue. Moreover, the application allows us to see the drivers assigning requests, comprehensive transport monitoring system. YACU IS A LOGISTIC TRANSPORT MONITORING SOFTWARE FOR PLANNING AND OPTIMIZATION OF ROUTES AND FOR DELIVERY AUTOMATIZATION