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Apache Subversion Alternativen

von Apache Software Foundation

Explore alternatives to Apache Subversion that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following Apache Subversion alternatives to see if there are any Apache Subversion competitors that you should also consider in your software research.

Distributed source control system that helps software developers to track and manage multiple revisions of the same project.
Speichere und teile Code, erfasse und verfolge die Arbeit und automatisiere CI-Prozesse mit diesen Kollaborationstools für Softwareentwicklungsteams.
Integrierte Entwicklungsumgebung für PHP-Programmierprofis. Erfahre mehr über PhpStorm
Enterprise-Cloud-Version-Control für sicheres Quellcodemanagement.
Planio macht die Verwaltung von Software-Projekten mit der Ausgabe und Bug-Tracking, agilen Boards und enger Integration mit GIT/SVN sehr einfach.
Configuration management solution designed to track changes and control access to enterprise software assets.
Distributed revision control tool with advanced committing, merging, and branching capabilities for software developers.
Bug tracking and source control software that automates code versioning, build management, work item tracking, and more.
SSMS add-in for easy changes tracking and deployment
Software change management solution for development teams to simplify change merging and review, source code versioning, and more.
This software allows multiple users to work on code from many operating systems. It is simple and secure.


von Alienbrain

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Alienbrain is version control for art & design. It will store, version, manage, and share any file allowing creatives to work visually.

Plastic SCM

von Codice Software

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Distributed version control solution that comes with GUI, built-in semantic diffs, branching and merging for big projects.


von Blightysoft

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Simple Git application for developers, which replaces complex keyboard commands with quick visual actions.


von BitKeeper

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Distributed SCM system with simple-to-use command line interface and auto-merging capability for projects of any size.

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