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von Saltus Technologies

Explore alternatives to digiTICKET that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following digiTICKET alternatives to see if there are any digiTICKET competitors that you should also consider in your software research.

Lösungen zur öffentlichen Sicherheit, Meldung von Vorfällen und Sicherheitsmanagement für Strafverfolgungsbehörden, Bildung, Gesundheitswesen, Kasinos und Gastgewerbe.
Bietet deiner Agentur eine einfach zu bedienende, hochmoderne, robuste Lösung.
Electronic forms tool that helps create forms for proposals, quotations, & work orders using auto-fill, field validations, etc.
Reduces the cost and complexity of entering, managing, and extracting critical data that public safety agencies use every day.
Ermöglicht es Strafverfolgungsbehörden, Staatsanwaltschaften, Verteidigern, Gefängnissen und Gerichten, effizienter und produktiver zu sein.
Reporting and Case Management for security services to connect field info to back office digital archive. Simple, intuitive workflow.
Whether your agency needs CAD, RMS, eCitation, Secure Data Sharing, Court or NCIC Query capabilities, ALEN can assist.
Recognized investigation management software solution used by some of the largest private, public and federal agencies.
A web-based crime mapping tool that helps police investigators see more links, develop more leads, and hunt more suspects.
Cloud-based public safety solution that assists small to medium public safety agencies with dispatches, mapping and record management.
Dynamic Public Safety is an innovative web based inmate booking system designed for the unique demands of the criminal justice system.
Automates the records management functions of an agency and provides simultaneous online use in records, dispatch and investigations.
Case and investigation management platform that is designed to manage dispatches, records, evidence, analytics, and more.

Revolution Law Enforcement

von Wayne Enterprises

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Police, Sheriff and Law Enforcement software with records and evidence management.

cFive Catalyst

von cFive Solutions

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Catalyst is a behavioral change and rehabilitation platform that provides individualized interactions for clients of all profiles.

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