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von Tek Data Systems

Explore alternatives to Series-M that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following Series-M alternatives to see if there are any Series-M competitors that you should also consider in your software research.

Eine Suite von Anwendungen, die alle täglichen Funktionen von Bibliotheken und Medienzentren reibungslos automatisiert.

Genesis G4

von Library Resource Management Systems

Windows-SQL-Bibliothekssoftware, die Ausleihen, Katalogisierung, einen Online-Katalog (WebOPAC2), Berichterstattung usw. in einem All-in-one-Paket umfasst.
Software für Ressourcenbibliotheken, die für Kirchen, Synagogen, Schulen, Fachleute, Unternehmen und gemeinnützige Organisationen entwickelt wurde.
Vollständiges Bibliotheksautomatisierungssystem für Schulen, öffentliche, akademische, Spezial- und Fachbibliotheken. Flexibel und konfigurierbar.
Library automation software, including Circulation, Cataloging, Searching, Inventory, Reports, and much more.
Cloud-based solution that enables businesses to manage digital resources, import/export data, generate custom reports and more.
Bywater bietet den höchsten Grad an Implementierung, Support, Hosting, Entwicklung und Ausbildung für die Koha Open Source ILS
A complete barcode integrated Library Automation solution for schools, colleges and universities.
Easy-to-use, affordable, and complete library software for small school, church, community, non-profit, and business libraries.
Infiniti ILS is a powerful tool, designed & developed to engage and innovate the library experience for today's tech savvy students.
Cloud-based library management solution that allows businesses to manage workflow processes via task management, cataloging and more.
Developed with industry experts and designed to provide a single, fully-integrated library management system to meet your library needs
Art library automation software that comes with a variety of features to help you manage every aspect of your library.
Library Content Managers Integrated Library Solution is a web-based Library Software developed in PHP Framework Codeigniter 3.

Library Management Software

von VISIONet Info Solution

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Software system that helps in maintaining records of all library related things.

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